Tailor’s salon „Pie Skrodera” 

Tailor’s salon „Pie Skrodera” is operating in Riga  and has accumulated vast of experience in tailoring and customer service. Our main services are:

We employ professionals with many years of experience in fitting, tailoring and customer service.

We believe that there are no unattractive people or wrong shape bodies, but there is only inappropriate clothing. Our mission is to help each customer to create the individual style and fit his or her clothing according to individual physical characteristics. We believe that every person can be beautiful and elegant.

Tailor’s salon „Pie Skrodera” will help you to:

  • Look good, original and different every day
  • Produce quality clothing that will look good also after first season’s ending
  • Fill your wardrobe with new clothing fast and efficient (you will need only 1-2 fitting times)

Tailor’s salon „Pie Skrodera” is located in the heart of Riga Kr.Valdemara street 118. It is opened every working day from 10:00-19:00

Call 26710749 and make appointment in time suitable for you.